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I have a deep love affair with Paris – its people, culture and history – so its no surprise that I would use it as a backdrop/setting for one of my books.

As I began work on ‘Passion in Paris’ all sorts of possibilities emerged for Max and Kate. They were to become lovers in Paris, this I knew from the beginning, but then the hard part kicked in. I had to narrow down the possibilities swirling around in my head to craft a story of two people who were deeply attracted to each other and how this attraction would play out. When it comes to writing erotic short story, the challenge is to focus on the nuts and bolts, all superfluous elements have to be thrown out.  What to keep or not to keep was my dilemma because everything had to be expressed in the simplest of terms, the most streamlined way. Writing within a small word limit forces you to make the most of every single word. And oh boy, was that ever hard.


Take for example one of the scenes in the book at the world famous Buddha Bar. I’ve been to the Buddha Bar and to me it is the most decadent place on earth – the decor, the food, the vibe, the music, the ambiance – I could go on and on and I did. Halfway through I came to my senses and realized – wow – description overload.  Cut. Snip. Throw. So I had to literally reign myself in when describing it and instead focused on the juicy scene that was about to unfold. Now imagine a lover commanding you to do something in public,  a command so intimate and so private to be performed right there and then, simply for his/her pleasure. I would wager most of us would refuse, bolt or walk out if such a command were issued simply out of embarrassment or other. But will Kate?


Once inside the sultry atmosphere, her senses had become heightened. Aroused was more like it. She’d never been in a place this beautiful, rich, or decadent. From the flowers and statuettes flanking the entrance, to the delicate perfume of incense teasing the air, rich mahogany furniture, to the Chinese and Japanese art gracing the walls was a delicious contrast to the intricately embroidered fabrics in red and gold that fused East and West, the exotic and the chic seamlessly. The soothing darkness, romantic rather than imposing, was broken only by the golden glow of scattered candles and amber coloured lighting and chandeliers.

Above and beyond that was the forty foot statue of the meditating Buddha that dominated the dining room below in silent repose, watching over the diners and drinkers as the sitar inspired music played in the background.

But by far the best seat in the house was the balcony bar, where she sat now nibbling on sushi while taking in the whole scene from a comfortable perch. With him sitting beside her, his arms draped possessively over the back of her chair, the scent of his cologne sent shivers running down her spine making her wet, pussy clenching.

He trailed a fingertip across her collarbone and she couldn’t help but shiver at the touch. He swept a finger along her shoulder, and down her décolleté. Her nipples hardened. He leaned in close, his lips lightly brushing her ear and whispered, “Touch yourself.”

She almost choked. Her eyes wide with shock, she turned to him. His expression merely implacable. “Are you crazy?” She hissed under her breath. “Look around you. We’re in a public place.” She tried to keep her face still in an attempt to hide how much his words had affected her. The moisture pooling in her core was proof positive. Having her boundaries pushed was fast becoming a turn on. Intoxicating was more like it.

“Now,” he said, the deep timber of his voice spiking her heart rate. She glanced around them, checking to see if anyone noticed their quiet banter. Everyone was too busy chattering among themselves. “Spread your legs.”

Well, does she yield to his naughty command you ask? Hmmm…its your last day to get a FREE copy and find out….