Club Pluto Series – Billionaire Doms

These billionaire’s are part of an elite circle, members of Club Pluto, where their dark and kinky natures come to play.

Dante – Monte Carlo (The Billionaire Doms Club Pluto Series)

Coming August, 2014


Available for Pre-Order!

Andreas – Dubai (The Billionaire Doms of Club Pluto Series)

Coming May 16, 2014 – VOL I

VOL II & VOL III – Coming Soon!

CP_AndreasDubai_BellaRoss_Vol1_b   CP_AndreasDubai_BellaRoss_Vol2   CP_AndreasDubai_BellaRoss_Vol3_c

One determined Journalist….

Freelance journalist, Genevieve Parker, has just been handed the biggest story of her career. But there’s one problem…Going undercover as a submissive in one of the most exclusive BDSM clubs in the world was more than she bargained for. But that’s nothing compared to the man she meets there. Andreas Contos. Her assignment. Gorgeous. Powerful. Mysterious. Genevieve is fascinated…intrigued. But does her intense attraction and willingness to go places with him she’s never gone before sexually really have to do with writing her exposé? Feeling confused and overwhelmed, every instinct tells her to run before her walls come crashing down…before she has to betray a man she can never have…

One elusive billionaire…

Greek billionaire, Andreas Contos, is more than he seems. Between the powerful company he keeps and the secrets that lurk behind closed doors, trusting anyone is out of the question – especially the lush and sensual woman he just met. But there is something different about Genevieve – a guarded nature he’s anxious to penetrate. Unable to resist her, Andreas proceeds in taking her under his wing for the night to show her his world – a world of exquisite pleasure. As the two of them get deeper in exploring the eroticism of mind and body, danger watches them from the shadows…

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Wanderlust Series – Hot Sexy Reads!

From Glamorous capitals to Exotic playgrounds…Couples are swept up in Desire Passion & Lust.

Bella Ross_Tempted in Tahiti _ 2014

Tempted in Tahiti (Wanderlust Series)

Sometimes yielding to temptation is the only option…

Halle Blake has landed her dream job as creative director for M & G, one of the largest luxury goods conglomerates in the world. But before officially stepping into her new role, she decides to celebrate by taking off to Tahiti for some fun in the sun. While there she meets a tempting and gorgeous photographer who sweeps her off her feet. But upon her return, all tanned, revived and feeling fabulous, Halle comes face to face with the biggest shock of her life…

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Christmas in Aspen (Wanderlust Series)

Being naughty once a year can be oh so delicious….

What’s the holiday season without a few surprises? Realtor Mia Ford is floundering financially, and despite her fears and concerns about the future of her business she’s looking forward to spending the holidays with family and friends. But all that changes when she lands her biggest client to date – Malcolm Crane – who seeks her expertise in finding him a property in Aspen. But there’s one problem – he wants it by Christmas.

With her holiday plans in ruins, Mia reluctantly agrees to accommodate him on such short notice. Since the commission from the sale would help keep her afloat, Mia realizes she can’t pass up an opportunity like this and hightails it to Aspen to do the showing. But what transpires upon her arrival and later behind closed doors between her and Malcolm Crane, is a life altering and high-octane attraction that unleashes the true nature of Mia.

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Book bundle_11-20-13_FINAL

Wanderlust Series Bundle – Buy book Amazon / Amazon UK / Amazon au / ARe / Kobo


Deception in Geneva (Wanderlust Series)

Sometimes running from the past leads to hot and heavy consequences…

Former psychic spy, Chloe St. Laurent is a woman of many secrets. Five years ago, after her lover, a die hard mercenary, is kidnapped and murdered while on a secret mission in Darfur leaves her life and heart in ruins. As a means to cope, Chloe disappears into a thin air and settles in a small town in the Alps leaving behind everything and everyone in order to heal from the demons and horrors of that mission. She manages to build a new life, a life of solitude and peace. All that is about to change when Zane Hammond, head of a powerful mercenary organization, finds her and begs her to join forces with him in bringing down a notorious arms dealer. What unfolds between them not only unearths both of their pasts but ignites a dangerous attraction that cannot be denied. But helping the enemy is out of the question, since she holds Zane responsible for her lover’s death, Chloe is fearful of refusing him flat out and runs yet again. However, this time she does not run far before Zane catches up with her and renders some hot and heavy consequences for being deceived.

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Confession in Vegas (Wanderlust Series)

A confession can oh so tempting…

Jenna Harper has it all, a gorgeous and loving man, a thriving career, a busy social life and fabulous adventures around the world. Life is indeed good. But all that is about to be tested when billionaire Thorne Hamilton makes a confession that leaves Jenna shocked. Will his confession tempt her to put everything on the line?

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Passion in paris_08-19-13_FINAL

Passion in Paris (Wanderlust Series)

One night. One Powerful Attraction. One kiss…

Billionaire Max Gray has one thing on his mind – Kate Bergen. Ever since their hot and passionate kiss at a fundraiser one night, his desire to own and possess her becomes all encompassing. Goaded by his attraction for her, he whisks her off to Paris to explore the scorching possibilities between them – especially the woman who set him ablaze with just a kiss.

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Surrender In Rome

Surrender in Rome (Wanderlust Series)

Its all about business until it turns into pleasure…

When PR dynamo’s Laura and Eric rush to Rome to contain a scandal involving one of their high profile clients, their business trip soon turns hot and heavy when he unexpectedly shows up at her hotel room and finds her wearing nothing but a sheer black robe. Overcome by desire, he quickly sets about seducing her.

Will he finally, after months of pursuing Laura, be able to break her resistance and make her surrender?

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